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The Gila Goldstien Project for Economical Empowerment of the Trans* Community

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We all know and know that one of the most common shared experiences among transgender people is discrimination in employment. We are not employed, not promoted and fired because of our variance. Most jobs in Israel do not respect the identities of transgenders and require them to behave in accordance with social norms. We are required to provide an intimate and medical information on our lives and our bodies, where others do not, and exposed to verbal harassment, sexuality and violence in the labor market.
But the era that transgenders collaborated with their silencing and erasure, is coming to an end!
We will insist on our rights, we will demand respect our identity, we will change the law, we will conduct a comprehensive survey on the phenomenon, we will launch a media campaign, public campaigns, partnerships with labor organizations, fairs, placement and preparation for job interviews .... And more! Come and join the different teams, let's make social change!

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