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Discussion group for organizing Alice in Wonderland drag/performance/activities for the Sister's Easter Celebration 2010

Femdom Collective — BDSM, Fetish, and Feminism in Brooklyn

Discussion list for Bay Area lesbians

Bay Area fat dykes

OLOC -- the Bay Area chapter of Old Lesbians Organizing for Change

Mailing list for lesbians in the Bay Area

Organizing Committee for Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits 2013 Powwow

BAAITS 2015 Powwow Committee

BAAITS 2016 Powwow Committee

An unmoderated discussion list for the bisexual community

A moderated list for events of interest to the bisexual community

Australian women who do or are interested in BDSM with other women

Bay Area Rainbow Symphony website

San Francisco Bay Area Radical Faeries

A moderated discussion list for bears and bear/gay related topics

Bi Married Men looking for getaways with other bi married men

Watersports for men in the New England area

The oldest women's leather club in Texas

Breitenbush Faeries Discussion List

For Butch And Femme Women and Butch-Femme relationships

A place to share event and activity information for Madison Wisconsin Dykes

Dykes who ride and the women who love them

Faerie Music

Faerie Politics

Faerie Theatricals

Radical Faeries Everywhere

Faerie Camp Destiny

Discussions and stories related to guy's feet, socks, sneakers, boots and everything in-between

For Femme women who love Butches and FtM's or Transmen

For Femme Women who love and admire Transmen or FtM's

Pacific NorthWest Handball List

For fat women to talk about sex - lesbian-focused

Gay Asian Pacific Islander Men of New York

For GAPIMNY Steering Committee Members

Guys who practice Yoga naked.

General LGBT news and discussion

For communication of members of the Gender Queer community in Israel

The Gila Goldstien Project for Economical Empowerment of the Trans* Community

Trans* Housing Project

GLBT people and allies who like to hand- or machine-knit

Closed AA meeting for GLBT/young people in AA

Business sublist of "glbtypaa"

Gays and lesbians interested in discussing philosophy

GLBT folks over 50 in Cleveland Ohio area

GSA-NYC is an announce-only group for monthly WS events in NYC.

Seattle area gay water sports

Gay Watersports in Toronto Ontario Canada

News and matters of interest to the LGBT community

Women interested in BDSM primarily, although not exclusively, with other women

Married lesbians

Women who are either bi or lesbian & married to men

Maine GayNet

An Advanced and Challenge square dance club in San Francisco

Boston/NewEngland Bators Take Your Cock Out and Join Us at TYCO

discussion and information list for the bay area chapter of nomenus

List for the committee members of Mob New England.

Social discussion list for the members of Mob New England, a women and trans BDSM group.

Subject: anything related to queer moms

Lesbians/Dykes with Multiple Sclerosis

People In Search of Safe Restrooms (PISSR) - www.pissr.org

Support list for women who love women in multiple relationships

HIV Positive Social and Support group for gay males

HIV Positive Social and Support group for gay males

San Francisco Prospective Queer Parents

Watersports for men in the Palm Springs, California area

QRC is a project linking Radical Faeries from different communities in new and previously unexplored ways.

San Francisco based discussion group that originally grew out of the Matt Gonzalez mayoral campaign

Peer online discussion and support for LGBT amputees

San Francisco Gratitude List

Men into scat play

Self-identified lesbians over the age of 35

Seattle leathermen

This Discussion List is for Guys interested in Sex Machines

The San Francisco Dyke March Committee

San Francisco Bay Area queer longhairs

Friends of Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir updates

SilverFoxes Club -- admirers of older men

Seasoned Leatherdykes who live the lifestyle 24/7

Private list for members of the oi list who know each other offline

Seattle Men in Leather board

Seattle Men in Leather exec

Information on Seattle Men in Leather events to the membership

Support list for women in recovery who love other women

SoC - women's private list

Southern California Lesbians

Men who are into Spanking

Starland Community Monthly News

Events at Starland

For Stone Butches and the Femmes who love them

For Transgender Butches (who pass) but still identify as female and the women who love them

Transgendered and transexual youth support and discussion

For older lesbians (by invitation only)

Communication list for the local tn naraya community

Communication list for the greater tn naraya community

Private list for confidential discussion amongst the Triangle Speakers (Santa Cruz) board members

Watersports for gay men who live in or travel to San Diego

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